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Metcon (Time)

Team of 2:

10 snatches (165/115)

400m run

20 snatches (155/105)

400m run

30 snatches (135/95)

400m run

40 snatches (115/75)
Can be power snatches or squat snatches, but bar goes from ground to overhead each time.

Partners can break up the whole WOD however they want between the 2.

P1 can even run while P2 works on snatches, but each 400m must be done separately (P1 cannot go out and run for a mile…)

Metcon (No Measure)


1. wall climbs

2. handstand walk

3. handstand walk with obstacles
#1 is wall climbs.

If you can do those well, then work on handstand walks.

If you can do that well, then add obstacles.