How Do I Get Started?

If you are new to CrossFit, your first step is to work with one of our coaches one-on-one through one to three introductory sessions (based on your needs). These sessions are included for free in your first month’s membership and are designed to give you personalized attention and coaching so that you will be informed and prepared to safely and comfortably join our group classes.

If you already have some CrossFit experience, but are new to CrossFit Magnolia, we have a separate, more streamlined process.


Joining the Community

Once your intro sessions are complete you can come to any class on any day you like! We know that schedules vary from person to person and from week to week. We don’t require you to commit to a specific class time or day. We’re here to help you fit in fitness whenever you can. We hope you’ll also check out some of our community events like fitness seminars and workshops, guys or ladies nights out and family game and movie nights at the gym. These events are usually free and just for fun!

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