CrossFit Magnolia – Competitor

Part 1

Before class

Handstand Walk Practice (No Measure)

-Practice for 10 minutes. Try setting up an obstacle to traverse. Creating steps using 45lb plates is a good place to start. A 1-2-3-2-1 plate height set up can be very challenging. Or set up a course of cones (foam rollers standing up) to navigate.

Triple under Practice (No Measure)

-Practice for 5-8 minutes. If you are still developing proficiency with triple unders, a good starting rhythm is “double-double-triple” to work on consistency with these reps.

Pike Press to Handstand Practice (No Measure)

-Practice for 10 minutes. Start your feet elevated on plates or a box to decrease the difficulty. Use a wall as a spotter, or perform from a headstand position to begin learning this movement.

Part 2

After class

3 Rounds for quality: (No Measure)

50 Band “Pull aparts”

10 hanging hip touches (alternate arms)

5 Skin-the-cats
– Goal is to cool down and strengthen our shoulders after today’s training. The “pull aparts” are holding a band at chest level with arms straight. Pull arms outwards staying level with the chest, return and repeat at a fairly rapid pace. For skin-the-cats, hang on low rings, feet go up and around head to touch ground on the back side, then return. Increase difficulty by raising rings, until you are hanging throughout the whole movement.